UHS urges caution after two Rutgers students diagnosed with Meningitis B


““Most of our student body is not immunized for meningitis B. It is not one of the required vaccines.”

March 6, 2019
The Daily Princetonian


After two students at Rutgers University were diagnosed with bacterial meningitis this month, University Health Services (UHS) sent an email on March 4 to the entire student body sharing information about the disease and possible preventive measures.

“We want to raise awareness among the whole University student body,” said Dr. Irene Daskalaki, Global and Community Health Physician for University Health Services. “It is very important to be recognized early and be treated early.”

Both the UHS email and Daskalaki reiterated that there are currently no cases of the disease on campus, but that the email was sent “out of an abundance of caution.”

UHS has made similar efforts before, such as responding to nearby outbreaks of measles in December, but those emails were sent to specific students who were particularly susceptible, and not the entire student body.

Daskalaki said what makes the cases of meningitis different is that most students are already immunized to measles, but not to the meningococcal bacteria type B that caused the cases at Rutgers.

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Elliana Given