Parents' warning after daughter dies from 'flu' symptoms


“Every bit of information that we got along that ride was worse than the last piece of information.”

June 1, 2019
Yahoo Lifestyle


The parents of a teenager who died just two days after getting symptoms of the flu, have issued a word of warning in a bid to stop others from suffering a similar fate.

Sara Stelzer was in the prime of her life — having just joined a sorority and started classes at San Diego State University — when she suddenly became very ill.

The family’s nightmare started when 18-year-old Sara called her parents on a Sunday night in 2014 to tell them she had a headache.

By Monday morning, it seemed like Sara had the flu. Her parents told her to pick up some Theraflu and get some rest.

But then things suddenly took a turn for the worse.

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Elliana Given