Duke student hospitalized with bacterial meningitis


“Casual contact does not transmit the infection.”

November 20, 2018
Outbreak News


Officials with Duke University announced they are working to contact individuals who may have come in close contact with a Duke undergraduate recently admitted to the hospital with a confirmed case of bacterial meningitis.

Duke Student Health has also been working closely with the Durham County Health Department, which defines close contact as direct exposure to the student’s saliva and other throat secretions. Examples of this might include kissing, sharing a drink or toothbrush, or prolonged exposure to someone coughing. Casual contact does not transmit the infection.

Dr. John Vaughn, director of Student Health Services, and Dr. Cameron Wolfe, associate professor of medicine in the infectious disease division, sent a message to students who may have had contact with the student, updating them about the situation and advising that they may want to take an antibiotic “as a preventative measure to lower the risk even further.”

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Emma Harrison