Take two minutes to hear the powerful voices of the Beware of B campaign – a survivor, mother and doctor.


What do a dorm room, sharing a can of beer at the tailgate and a bowl of ramen noodles have in common? Sure, they might be typical parts of the college experience, but they can also be dangerously ordinary ways to contract infectious diseases. Living in close quarters, sharing drinks and eating utensils, kissing, coughing – these are all ways to spread meningitis B, which currently accounts for 50 percent of all meningococcal cases in the U.S.

College students are especially susceptible, spending most of their time in settings like college dorms where students are living in close proximity to each other and sharing drinks and food.


In fact, 100 percent of the college outbreaks of meningitis since 2011 have been the B strain. Twenty-two universities have confirmed incidents or outbreaks of meningitis B on their campuses in the last seven years. See the list of universities here.

To proactively combat this disease, which can be deadly, 12 universities across the country have started requiring the meningitis B vaccination for their incoming students this fall.  

The Beware of B campaign challenges universities across the country to mandate the meningitis B vaccine. It is the only way to protect students and ensure that the excitement of the college experience stays in the end zone, not the emergency room.